Rental gear & Shop

Rental gear & Shop

Rental Gear

At our shop we have climbing equipment sale and rental. We have a large selection of quality rental climbing gear. Everything from climbing shoes, quick-draws, slings, ATC’s, GriGri’s, Trad Gear, ascender’s, helmets, chalk bags, and ropes for you too rent. Our gear is serviced and inspected annually. You can rent individual piece or full sets for you and your partner. Come check out our climbing equipment sale and rental when you are Geyikbayiri.


  • Shoes – 7.5,-Euro
  • Rope – 10,-Euro (60m.)  – 15,-Euro (70m.) –  20,-Euro (80m.)
  • Quick-draw set (15) – 15,-Euro
  • Harness – 8,-Euro
  • Helmet – 4,-Euro
  • Chalk bag – 1, Euro
  • ATC belay device with locking carabiner – 5,-Euro
  • GriGri belay device with locking carabiner 7.5,- Euro
  • Safety Sling  with small carabiner – 2.5,- Euro
  • Carabiner -1.5 Euro,-
  • SETS
  • Climb Gear Partner Set : – 17,-Euro                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (Helmet, Harness, Chalk bag & Climbing shoes)
  • Prices For Complete Set for 1 person : – 45,- Euro 1 day+ each additional day  20 Euro/set
  • Everything you need for a day of climbing: helmet, belt with stand leash, belay device, 15 quickdraws, carabiners, slings, climbing shoes, climbing rope 80 m and a rope bag.
renting 2 Rental gear & Shop
renting 5 Rental gear & Shop



The shop has a selection of quality climbing gear. We have locking carbines, quick-draws, slings, ATC’s, harness, and rope’s


The Rock Shop has a few different designs for Men and Lady’s. All shirts are 100% Cotton, and we have sizes from kids until XXL depending on our stock.